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    Royal Worcester

    about our Royal Worcester
    The first Worcester porcelain factory was established in 1751 by Dr John Wall and William Davis following the success of their experimentation into the materials and processes involved in the manufacture of porcelain. Prior to this porcelain manufacture was the preserve of the Far East but British potters had long been fascinated by the material, and had spent much time trying to develop their own formulas and manufacturing techniques. In the mid-1800s they secured a Royal Warrant and the world famous name of Royal Worcester was born. Renowned for manufacturing extremely high quality wares, Royal Worcester quickly became synonymous with high end porcelain pieces and they produced prestigious items for the upper classes. Throughout their long history Royal Worcester have worked with leading artists of their day to produce stunningly decorated pieces, this heritage continues to this day, and indeed they have broadened their ranges to include other complimentary items, such as textiles, to coordinate with some of their designs. Royal Worcester has long been, and continues to be, a truly Great British brand.

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