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Le Creuset 32.5cm 2-Handle Grill- Satin Black (716901)

This large griddle is perfect for larger families who love their steaks and grilled food. The broad surface has enough room for six large steaks or up to eight or nine regular sized ones. it...  Read More
Brand Le Creuset
Size 38 x 22.5 x 3 x 32.5 cm
Material Cast Iron
Colour Satin Black
Guarantee Lifetime
This large griddle is perfect for larger families who love their steaks and grilled food. The broad surface has enough room for six large steaks or up to eight or nine regular sized ones. it's great for cooking butterfly chicken breasts or large slices of aubergine. You could even bring your griddle to the table to serve your meat with a flourish and a sizzle! Just make sure that you put it onto something extremely heat proof. The clear vitreous enamel coating on the inside of the pan will withstand the high temperatures required for great griddling. Deep sharp ridges lift the food away from the surface of the pan to maximise the exposure to dry heat which sears and cooks the food and develops the textures. They add the attractive and characteristic grill lines to your steaks too. We recommend that you always use oven mitts to lift your griddle off the stove when finished as the cast iron loop handles will get hot after extended use. It is always best to let the Grillit cool down naturally after you finish cooking before attempting to wash it as thermal shock from cold water on a hot pan may cause the enamel or even the iron pan to crack.

Product Questions

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The recommendations for care and use apply to all Le Creuset enamelled cast iron ranges, whether the inner cooking surface is black, light coloured (sand, white, almond) or non-stick. If you have a satin black enamel interior cast iron product please click here for care & use instructions.

Remove all labels. Wash the pan in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Pans with enamelled cooking surfaces are now ready for use and require no further preparation. Non-stick surfaces should be wiped with cooking oil to condition them
Le Creuset cast iron cookware can be used on all heat sources. Gas, electric solid or radiant plates, vitroceramic glass, induction, and ranges fired by gas, oil, coal or wood.
When using on any glass stovetops always follow the manufacturers guidance for use of your cookware.
Never drag pans across the glass, but lift on and off, or from one heat zone to another.
The enamel surfaces (except for black enamel on grills or products with a non-stick inner coating) are not suitable for dry cooking. Your choice of liquid, oil, fat or butter should completely cover the base before heating begins. Non-stick surfaces may be used dry, but special care must be taken not to overheat the surface and the pan must not be left unattended at any time.

Medium and low heats will provide the best results for the majority of cooking, including frying and searing. Allow the pan to heat gradually and thoroughly, as this will give the most even and efficient cooking results. Once the pan is hot almost all cooking can be continued on lower settings.
High heats should only be used for boiling water for vegetables or pasta, or for reducing the consistency of stocks and sauces. High heats should never be used to pre-heat a pan before lowering the heat for cooking. Cast iron retains heat so well that if a pan is overheated in this way it will contribute to poor cooking results, sticking and discolouration of cooking surfaces. Non-stick surfaces are permanently damaged by this mis-use. Match the pan base to the heat zone. Do this to maximise efficiency and prevent overheating of pan sides or damage to handles. Long handles should be positioned safely so that they do not overhang the front of your stovetop, or over other heat zones.

Black phenolic lid knobs and handles. Maximum use temperature 190°C / 375°F/Gas 5 (Europe gas setting 6). Integral cast iron handles or stainless steel knobs can be used at any oven temperature. Wooden handles must not be placed in the oven.

Do not place any cookware on the floor of these ovens. Cook only on the racks provided.

These will become hot during stovetop as well as oven use. Use a dry, thick cloth, or oven mitts, for handling these at all times.

Dont heat an empty pan or allow a pan to boil dry. Either may cause permanent damage to the enamel and pan
Dont cut foods directly on any enamel or non-stick surface.
Electric hand held beaters or mixers should not be used in any cookware. Permanent damage to all surfaces will be caused.

Use Le Creuset heat resistant silicone utensils, heat resistant plastic or wooden tools. Occasional use of metal utensils may leave silver trail marks over the surface. Do not knock metal utensil on the rims of cookware, this will eventually damage the enamel.

Place hot pans on Le Creuset silicone mats, wooden boards, or trivets. Never place a hot pan directly on an unprotected surface.

Always cool a pan for a few minutes before washing in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Do not fill a hot pan with cold water or plunge into cold water as thermal shock damage to the enamel may occur.
If there are food residues fill the pan with warm water and leave to soak for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash in the usual way. Nylon or soft abrasive pads or brushes can be used to remove stubborn residues. Do not use metallic pads, or harsh abrasive cleaning agents as these will damage the enamel and polished trims.
Black enamel cooking surfaces will, over time, produce a patina (a brownish film). Do not attempt to clean this off as it enhances the cooking performance and food release from this surface.
Light stains or metal trail marks (caused by metal tools) can be removed with Le Creuset Cookware cleaner. An occasional conditioning clean with this product will also retain the new appearance and polish of your pans.

All pans with integral cast iron, phenolic handles, or stainless steel lid knobs, can be washed in the dishwasher, but constant dishwashing may lead to some dulling of the enamel finish. This is not harmful and will not impair performance. When using the dishwasher always allow the cycle to complete before opening the door. This will ensure the pans are dried thoroughly.
Wooden handle pans are not dishwasher safe. Non-stick surfaces may be washed in the dishwasher, but after each cycle the surface should be re-conditioned with cooking oil.
Never store away pans when they are still damp. Store pans in a dry cupboard or airy space away from kitchen steam.
Maintain the tightness of all handles and knobs by checking and re-tightening them regularly.
Le Creuset enamelled cast iron is extremely durable, but it may be damaged if accidentally dropped or knocked against a hard surface.
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