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Knife Sharpening

If your knives aren't as sharp as they were when new, don’t worry - almost any good knife can be bought back to life through being given a proper sharpening.

We’ve got plenty of options in store to do the job, from traditional steels and whetstones to simple-to-use pull though sharpeners. Click to see our range of sharpeners.

If you’re unsure how to use a sharpener, either bring your knife into any of our shops (we’d recommend you sandwich it between a folded piece of thick card, blade side down, and use parcel tape at the top to form a sheath when you’re carrying the knife) - and we’ll show you how to sharpen it, or see our sharpening guide online and knife sharpening video here for a whetstone, here for a steel and here for a pull through or electric sharpener. 

There will be times, though, that home sharpening just won’t do the trick. If the blade hasn’t seen a sharpener for years, or has had a mishap and suffered a chip, you’ll need to get it to an expert. 

What can be sharpened?

  • Any good quality, taper ground knife
  • Japanese or European blades
  • Even the most blunted knife can be restored to a good cutting edge

What can’t be sharpened?

  • A lot of inexpensive knives have a ‘hollow ground’ edge – these can’t be resharpened without putting a whole new edge on the blade
  • Serrated knives can be very difficult to resharpen
  • Significant chips in the knife or bends in the tip

Top knife care tips:

  • Regular sharpening and honing to maintain the edge on your knife
  • Always wash by hand as soon as possible after use & dry thoroughly
  • Store in a knife block/rack this will help the knife stay sharper for longer and is a safer way to store out of reach of children too

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