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Le Creuset Tagine-Cerise (637749)

The Le Creuset tagine features a cast iron base with a black vitreous enamel coating. The dense cast iron transmits heat evenly and gently to the ingredients in the tagine. The glazed stonew...  Read More

The recommendations for care and use apply to all Le Creuset tagines.

A tagine is intended for hob use only, where its heating and cooking qualities are used to the full. If placed in the oven, while not causing permanent damage, the lid and base will become too hot and the lid, in particular, will simply evaporate the cooking liquid instead of condensing it.
The cast iron base can be used on its own and makes a useful baking, roasting and serving dish.
On the hob the cast iron base can be used for pre-browning meats, poultry and vegetables before the slow-cooking process begins. As with all other pieces of Le Creuset cast iron, pre-browning should be done on medium and low heats only.
The adjustment to a very low setting for cooking is important and there should be barely a ripple of movement in the food as it cooks. If, due to the design of your hob this "very low" heat is not really achievable don't be concerned -- cooking at a slightly faster pace will give just as good a result. But do then be aware that more steam will be produced and this can sometimes seep up around the rim between the base and the lid. Although the very top of the conical lid will remain relatively cool, the base of it will not and when removing the lid to check the contents, a cloth or oven mitts should be used to lift and support this rim edge, holding the top of the lid with the other han

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Brand Le Creuset
Size 27 x 27 x 23 x 22cm
Material Cast Iron Base and Stoneware Lid
Colour Cerise
Guarantee Lifetime
The Le Creuset tagine features a cast iron base with a black vitreous enamel coating. The dense cast iron transmits heat evenly and gently to the ingredients in the tagine. The glazed stoneware lid maximises condensation and allows meat and vegetables to cook until tender with the minimum amount of moisture. Tagines were traditionally placed on the embers of Moroccan desert camp fires for slow flavoursome cooking. The Le Creuset tagine will go on any hob and is big enough to make 2-4 servings. Traditionally a cold pebble or handful of chilled sand was placed in the recess at the top of the cone to help condensation form inside the tagine; a strategically placed ice cube will have the same effect at home. The cast dish can be used on its own as an oven dish for gratins or Italian 'al forno' cooking.

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Always cool the tagine for a short time before soaking or washing in hot soapy water. Do not plunge the tagine, while hot, into cold water as thermal shock damage to the enamel may occur.
Wipe over the whole lid with a hot soapy cloth paying particular attention to the unglazed rim - this should be cleaned after each use to prevent any build up of grease.
Nylon or other soft abrasive pads and brushes can be used to remove stubborn residues. Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive cleaning agents, such as bleach, as it will damage the enamel.
If there are sever food residues, soak the tagine in hot water for 15-20 minutes, then wash in the usual way. Repeat if needed.
Always dry the lid and based thoroughly. Lay the lid on its side for a short while to ensure the rim is completely dry. Never store them away still damp. Store in a dry cupboard or airy space with the lid in an upright position to avoid damage.
Black enamel cooking surfaces will, over time, produce a patina (a brownish film). Do not attempt to clean this off as it enhances the cooking performance and food release from the surface.
Both the base and lid are dishwasher safe. Always allow the cycle to complete before opening the door. An incomplete cycle retains moisture in the machine and over time damage may occur to the surface, particularly if the enamel is damaged.

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