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Mauviel Copper 28cm Saute Pan (175944)


With a broad copper sauté pan like this one you'll be the envy of all your culinary friends. it's broad flat base has enough room to let you sear perfect steaks, chops and rolled j...  Read More

Brand Mauviel
Size 28cm
Material Copper

With a broad copper sauté pan like this one you'll be the envy of all your culinary friends. it's broad flat base has enough room to let you sear perfect steaks, chops and rolled joints of meat and then deglaze the surface with red wine which you can reduce to a delicious jus. Many chefs would agree that this pan is the ultimate in luxury cookware; others would view it as an essential tool of the trade when nothing but the very best results will do. The broad base of the pan maximises contact between the food and the pan for quick and even cooking. The conductive copper body will give you minute control over the temperature within the pan and any changes in the level of heat applied to the pan will be instantly transferred to the food within. The broad open shape of this sauté pan is ideal for cooking risottos as there's plenty of room to stir the ingredients for perfect results and a low heat can be applied so that the rice absorbs the stock at a gentle and even rate.

This pan is also ideal for poaching fish or chicken as the précis control that copper provides will let the food poach slowly and gently so that the end results have the very best flavour and texture. The stainless steel lining lets you use any type of tools within the pan including metal ones, it's easy to clean should anything get stuck to the surface and will last a lifetime. Pans like this are so versatile that you'll want to reach for it every time you cook. it's easy to see why copper pans become treasured heirlooms which are passed through families for generations.

Mauviel Copper
Pieces of copper cookware are amongst many chefs most highly prized possessions. These beautiful items have long represented the very pinnacle of cooking performance. Copper conducts heat far more easily than aluminium, steel or any other material used in the manufacture of pots and pans. This means that the pan will respond instantly to any changes in the amount of heat that is applied to the pan. This instant response puts the chef in complete control of the way in which the food in the pan is cooked. This is minute and absolute level of control that professional chefs require to produce some of the most outstanding dishes in the world.

Modern copper cookware is lined with a very thin layer of stainless steel to prevent the copper from tainting the food. Some very traditional pieces still have tin linings which will eventually need to be reapplied after many years use.

The handles on copper pans are traditionally made of cast iron to prevent them from becoming too hot to hold. The dense cast iron insulates your hand from the extremely hot body of the copper pan very effectively but adds significantly to the overall weight of the pan.

Copper pans are suitable for use on all types of hob except induction where an interface will be required. Although this will make the pan work on an induction hob much of the responsiveness will be lost because of the interface.

You should always wash copper pans by hand. Cleaning them in a dishwasher is likely to lead to permanent damage. Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush to clean the outside, a light scourer can be used on the inside. Copper pots will become naturally dull after use. They can be brought back to their original shiny glory using specific copper polish.

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