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Christmas Dinner Tips & Tricks

Christmas Roasting


Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, especially if you are hosting the festive feast! The kitchen can be a manic place to be, gravy simmering, turkey’s roasting and everything in between!


To save time and last minute panic we’re here with some top tips and all the kitchen pans, roasters and basters you will need  this festive season.


7 Christmas Dinner Top Tips

We asked around Steamer Trading HQ to uncover some tried and tested Christmas Dinner Hacks to help make your Christmas feast stress free and delicious!


"It may seem like a very obvious tip but make sure your turkey fits in the oven and that you have a have a roasting pan big enough for your bird. It’s happened in my family before, we couldn’t fit the bird in the oven!" Jan Pamir – Online


"For the perfect roast potatoes make sure you shake the pan hard after you’ve boiled and drained them. Leave to air dry for a few minutes before putting them in the fat (preferably goose fat!) this will give you the ultimate crispy roast potatoes!"  Chris – Accounts


"Prepare your veg early. On Christmas eve my family gets together to peel the potatoes, chop the carrots etc and leave in cold water ready for Christmas day. We put the Christmas tunes on, have a gin and tonic and get the festivities going early!" Megan – Online


"Have plenty of fresh herbs on hand! Fresh sage and parsley are essential for good stuffing. Snip the ends off whatever herbs you haven’t used and put them in a jar of fresh water to extend their life. They are great to have on hand to make Christmas leftovers delicious!" Natalie – Marketing


"Don’t neglect the vegetables! We can sometimes concentrate so much on ensuring the turkey is perfect we forget about the vegetables. Try roasting your parsnips with honey and thyme or carrots with a maple and orange glaze." Lucy - Marketing


"If you are brave enough to attempt Yorkshire puddings then make the batter in advance or cook them weeks in advance, freeze them and cook from frozen on Christmas day." Izzy - Accounts


"If timing the different elements of Christmas dinner becomes a struggle and you run out of oven space, try using a slow cooker to keep food at the perfect temperature so it doesn’t go cold before serving." Poppy – Online



Must-Have Christmas Dinner Cookware


NEW – Oxo Silicone Roasting Rack Half Price – Circulon Roast & Bake Set ScanPan Impact Roaster & Rack
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Measure the precise temperature inside your turkey or roast joint to ensure its cooked to perfection. £20 Perfect for gravy’s, sauces and cooking veg! Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel with an encapsulated aluminium core. Get prepared to carve your Christmas bird with ease. This carving set features a carving knife, a two-pronged fork and knife sharpening steel. RRP £40 Now £30
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Posted: 05 Dec 2018

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