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Robert Welch

about our Robert Welch
Robert Welch has become a byword for award winning style and quality. From their award winning knives to elegant table candlesticks, everything they create has evolved from rigorous questioning about its function, manufacture, durability and use. The main consideration or the Robert Welch design team when designing kitchen items is to enhance the task of cooking by creating tools that function beyond expectation. For over 50 years the small design team at Robert Welch has been creating outstanding homewares, none of their products are bought in or designed by anyone else, all in the same building where Robert Welch himself began all those years ago in Chipping Camden. In 2005, Robert Welch tasked themselves with designing the best knives in the world – and the Signature range of knives was the end result. An extensive and stunning range of knives, each one carefully designed and thoughtfully constructed for its specific task in food preparation. The handles and blades are carefully aligned at the best possible angle to give the best cutting action and reduce fatigue of use.

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