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Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass Lid (826976)

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass LidLe Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass Lid
Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass Lid Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass Lid Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass Lid Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 16cm Saucepan with Glass Lid

Practical and versatile, the Le Creuset Total Non-Stick Saucepan is perfect for everyday cooking and is available in several sizes


Riveted Handles

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  • Suitable for use on any heat source including induction hobs
  • Oven safe up to 260°C
  • PFOA free non-stick coating inside and out
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    Brand Le Creuset
    Size 16cm: Capacity
    Material Toughened Non-Stick Aluminium
    Guarantee Lifetime

    Practical and versatile, the Le Creuset Total Non-Stick Saucepan is perfect for everyday cooking and is available in several sizes


    Riveted Handles

    Professional-style cast handles are attached with stainless steel rivets for a superior, secure fixing, and the addition of a helper handle makes lifting easier.


    Glass Lids

    Heat resistant glass lids retain moisture and flavour, and allow you to check the food you are cooking without disturbing the cooking process or temperature by lifting the lid.


    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick

    Crafted from hardened aluminium for lightness and conductivity the Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick range has one of the most advanced, high quality non-stick coatings available. The ‘ultimate’ non-stick coating is capable of withstanding high levels of abrasion, wear and scuffing, you can even use metal utensils without fear of damaging the surface. It’s oven safe and suitable for use on all hobs including induction. The non-stick properties are so good that very little added fat is required to let your food slip off with ease. In many cases you can dry fry using TNS cookware for the healthiest results. As you would expect from Le Creuset their top quality non-stick coating is free from harmful PFOA and carries a lifetime guarantee.


    About Le Creuset

    Recognised the world over as one of the most premium and sought-after brands in kitchenware, Le Creuset have been providing outstanding quality cookware since 1925.

    Famous across the globe for their iconic volcanic orange enamelled cast iron casserole, a design that still forms a key part of their range to this day. The range now encompasses toughened non-stick and 3-ply stainless steel cookware, ceramic oven-to-table pieces, and a continuingly evolving colour range of their classic cast iron collection.

    Cooking With Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick

    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pans are manufactured from premium materials that will provide the best in durability and cooking performance. Each pan is made from heavy gauge, forged aluminium that has been specially treated to provide a strong, toughened finish that will withstand the demands of everyday use. Each pan spreads heat evenly and efficiently, so there are no hot spots in your cooking. The specially constructed base incorporates a magnetic, stainless steel disc that provides extra strength and stability to the pan and makes it suitable for use on ALL HEAT SOURCES including the latest induction hobs. Both the interior and exterior of each pan are finished with one of the most modern, PFOA-free, toughened non-stick finishes available providing superb release of food and easy cleaning – every day. It is an ideal surface for healthier cooking with very little oil or fat.. Optional heat-resistant glass lids are available to buy separately. Handles are secured with stainless steel rivets.


    Before First Use

    Remove all packaging and labels, wash pans in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Condition the interior non-stick cooking surface. DO NOT condition the black exterior sidewall. Rub a film of vegetable or corn oil over the entire surface using a pad of kitchen paper towels. Rinse the pan with hot water, dry thoroughly. The pan is now ready for use. Occasional re-conditioning after this will help protect the surface and promote longer life.


    Usage Recommendations

    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pans are completely multifunctional for use on any hob, under any domestic grill, or in any domestic conventional or fan assisted oven (not suitable for use in microwave ovens). Always match the pan base size to the hob heat zone it is to be used on. Gas flames must always be confined to the base area and NEVER extend up and around the sidewalls of the pan. On any glass topped hob always lift the pan on and off, or across the surface. Never slide the pan as this may cause damage to the pan base as well as to the glass. Use MEDIUM and LOW heat settings for the majority of cooking on all heat sources, allowing the pan to heat gradually and evenly. For those times when searing of meat, poultry or fish is required a medium to higher heat can be used initially, but once the pan is hot and the food added, the heat should be lowered. The pan should NEVER be used on a maximum or high heat setting either for pre-heating or cooking as the excessive surface temperatures will damage the non-stick cooking surface.


    Induction Hob Cooking

    Always match the diameter of the stainless steel disc in the base of pan to the induction hob cooking zone. Using a pan with a small stainless steel disc on too large a cooking zone may result in a weaker magnetic field being created and reduced heat output. In some cases the hob may not “recognise” the pan and no heat will be generated. DO NOT use the boost function for longer than is required to bring the pan’s contents to a boil. The boost function should only be used for rapid heating of large quantities of water e.g. for boiling pasta or vegetables. During cooking, you may notice some slight noise being generated in the pan by the induction hob. This will not damage the pan or affect cooking performance.


    Oils and Fats

    Add a little oil or fat to the cooking surface before heating begins. This will improve the flavour and browning of foods. At no time should the oil or fat be allowed to become smoking hot. If this should occur cool the pan before proceeding.


    Fat-Free Cooking

    When cooking with no added fat or oil, pre-heat the pan on a medium setting for approximately 2 minutes before adding the food. DO NOT leave the pan unattended during this time or allow the dry non-stick surface to overheat as permanent damage may occur.


    Food Storage And Marinating

    Do not store raw, marinating or cooked foods in the pans. Ingredients may cause damage to the surface.


    Tools To Use

    To protect your pans we recommend using Le Creuset Silicone Tools. You can also use wooden or heat resistant plastic tools. Metal tools, spoons or balloon whisks may be used with care, but should not be used harshly or scraped over the non stick surface. Do not knock these on the top rim of the pan. Knives, or utensils with sharp edges, should never be used to cut foods on the non-stick surface. Hand held electric or battery operated beaters or blenders should not be used on the non stick surface.


    Oven Use

    Suitable for use in all types of conventional oven (not suitable for microwave ovens). Oven safe to 260°C/500°F (220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7 if the pan is used with a Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick heat-resistant glass lid).


    Grill Use

    When used under a hot grill there should be a minimum distance of 5cm (2 inches) between the heat source and the top rim of the pan.



    Damage from overheating is instantly recognisable. The non-stick surface becomes discoloured and in severe cases detaches from the pan in the form of blistering or peeling.



    Score marks or severe scratching by heavy use of metal utensils is not covered by the guarantee. Such damage is permanent and will result in the reduction of the non-stick release performance.


    Cleaning And Storage

    Cool the pan for a few minutes before cleaning. Do not plunge into, or fill with, cold water when hot. ONLY recommended non-stick cleaning pads should be used on the non-stick surfaces. DO NOT use any metal, harsh abrasive or very stiff pads/washing up brushes, or abrasive cleaning agents on ANY of the surfaces. The tough, reinforced non-stick coating offers excellent food release and is therefore very easy to clean. To maintain the appearance and performance of the non-stick coating, we recommend washing by hand in hot soapy water rather than cleaning in the dishwasher. This will prolong the life of the non-stick surface and enhance cooking performance.


    If the non-stick pan is cleaned in the dishwasher only use domestic strength dishwashing detergent (we recommend non-lemon varieties). The cooking surface should be re-conditioned with vegetable or corn oil before each subsequent use. Please note, prolonged, regular dishwashing may eventually mark or discolour any item of cookware and affect the release properties of non-stick surfaces. This is regarded as normal wear and tear and is not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. If the pan is regularly washed in the dishwasher some darkening of the outer ring of the base may occur or a powdery white deposit may form. This is normal and will not affect the performance of the pan. The surface dulling or white deposits can be removed by carefully cleaning the affected areas with a gentle nylon pad and a little water and washing up detergent. Afterwards rinse and dry thoroughly.



    Handles are secured to each pan with stainless steel rivets. Always use a dry oven glove or cloth when handling hot pans during and after cooking.


    Toughened Non-Stick Glass Lids

    Add another dimension to your cooking with your Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pan by using a Le Creuset heat-resistant glass lid – available separately. The see-through glass lid allows you to check the recipe without disturbing the cooking progress or temperature. It retains moisture and flavour and also acts as a self-baster, or converts the pan to one for poaching, braising or casseroling. The lids are oven-safe up to 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7.

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